GMEBOGOSSE 004 :: Guy Birkin - Sonic Complexity

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Guy Birkin - Sonic Complexity

2 types of waveform:
- Sine
- Square
4 amplitude levels:
- 0, -6, -12, -24 dBFS
5 file types:
- FLAC, level 8 (max) compression
- Apple Lossless (Apple encoder), automatic settings
- MP3 (LAME encoder), VBR V0 (highest quality) compression
- AAC (Apple encoder), VBR 127 (highest quality) compression
- OGG Vorbis, q10.0 (highest quality) compression

Audio files ::

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Sonic Complexity: Some Basic Tests by Guy Birkin

The aim of these tests is to begin an investigation into sonic complexity. The objective is generate a set of audio files based on variations of a few key musical parameters, and to see how a basic measure of complexity responds. In this case, complexity is measured by the information content (size) of digital audio files. The tests investigate how various audio compression algorithms might be useful as measures of sonic complexity. The hope is that understanding how this measure works with simple sounds will prepare the ground for further tests with more complex sounds and, eventually, with music.

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