GMEBOGOSSE 003 :: EVOL - Opus17aSlimeVariation#7

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EVOL - Opus17aSlimeVariation#7

Opus17aSlimeVariation#7 ─ for Topcat bass. Gmebogosse, November 2015.

Opus17aSlimeVariations is a series of reinterpretations of Hanne Darboven's Opus 17a (1984).

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Slime Aesthetics by Alexander Iadarola

Slime—often in vibrant neon—is a common trope in the work of EVOL. It shows up in release titles like Rave Slime, Melting Pinkness, and Purple Melters; in the viscous feel of their tracks, brought on by acid house-styled sonic bending; and in the monochrome kandi of their artwork. Although Roc Jiménez de Cisneros and Stephen Sharp’s affinity for it no doubt has to do with psychedelic rave aesthetics—exploration of rave’s media history and sonic template is a recurring theme—slime in their zone takes on a life of its own. There, a big part of its fun as a figure is its ability to function doubly as a conduit for academic styles of inquiry as well as more everyday, tangible, and straightforwardly visceral kinds of engagement.

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