GMEBOGOSSE 001 :: CF - Blue, Red, & Black

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Mixed live from cassette. Originally released in an edition of 40
copies by Channel 69, December 2013.

Tracklisting ::
On the Street (R. Tsarlag) ■ Ave Maria / ? (Muriel) ■ Fullness of the Moon ■ Lady in Red (DeBurgh) ■ Fullness (Reprise) ■ Habib (Pak) ■ He Went (B.R. Alpha) ■ That's How Strong... ■ That's How Strong My Love Is (OV) ■ Blue Velvet (Theme) ■ Both Sides Now (Joni) ■ Awake (Tabloid) ■ We Love You / Paint it Black (Stones)

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The Radionic Object by Duncan Laurie

Alyce Santoros has proposed in Philosoprops that “there are illustrative works that have caused profound shifts in the way entire populations envision their place in the universe”. Termed ‘philosoprops’, these iconic images—think the DNA spiral (1952), the ‘Blue Marble’ photo of earth from space (1972), da Vinci’s ‘Vitruvian Man’ drawing of human proportions (est. 1500) fulfill the function of a bright light bulb going off in the collective psyche.

Immediately I asked myself, What was the original philosoprop? How does the information contained in the philosoprops alter consciousness? Do these seminal objects or works radiate an actual energy that is broadcast into the mind of the viewer, or is the illumination purely cognitive? In essence, what power does an image contain and project that it might alter our entire view of reality?

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